Monday, October 3, 2016

Yarn and books

I received my first Book of the Month club box.  Yup.  I jumped on that bandwagon.  The first book is The Wonder.  It will likely sit in this box for at least a few weeks while I finish up The Nest.  I also downloaded Life Animated by Ron Suskind for my commute listening.  So many books I want to be reading!
In addition to my mystery shawl, I have a hat on my needles that is a lovely blend of interesting and simple, perfect for evening knitting after an over full day.
I am having trouble with blogger lately.  I am rarely on my computer at home and the mobile app keeps crashing on my iPad.  Very frustrating.  I am contemplating a return to my wordpress blog.  I'll let you know.
For now, we made it to Wednesday again.
Enjoy your day.

Linking up with Ginny today.


Lori said...

BOTMC! Fun! Fall is perfect for reading!!

Beth Coleman said...

Blogger and I have never gotten along.

Judy S. said...

Books and yarn, two of my big weaknesses! I'll be interested to hear what you think of The Nest as I just finished it. Right now I'm reading Medicus for book club and The Secret Chord. The latter is for a session with the author on Monday....gotta read faster!

tina said...

nice knitting and one can never have enough books!!

Amy Putkonen said...

That sounds like fun... the Book of the Month Club. I am so bad at reading even library books that I borrow, let alone buying them and not reading them. Not sure if I'd be a good candidate for that, but it sounds fun to connect with readers which, I assume, are from around the world!