Monday, October 10, 2016

I love October

I know we are 10 days into October but it has been a busy few weeks here and I haven't had time to celebrate yet.  On Friday, I was able to take the afternoon off and get to the trail for a run before the sun went down.  As I came to my end point, I turned and saw the sun shining through this beautiful tree.  I love the way the colors change and cast a new light on the landscape.  It is like a little reminder to look up!
This is the evergreen state so we have a lot of trees.  Many of them stay greenish all year but we have a wide variety of yellow, gold, orange, and red thrown in as summer turns to fall.
Over the weekend I made some beautiful orange soups - Carrot Ginger and Sweet Potato with lentils.  Today I am planning to pull out my fall quilts and decorations and pick up a few pumpkins at the store.  And I think I have some orange wool in the sewing room that would make the perfect pumpkin for a little table topper.
Hope there are beautiful colors in your part of the world today.


Lori said...

Yes, I'm enjoying the beautiful colors as well. I just posted our bright red maple tree on instagram!

karen said...

I love October as well, more so now that ever for some reason!! I think because we pulled the jackets out to wear when we are outside.