Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yarn and books

I was making nice progress on my
Antarktis shawl until a rather chaotic flight home.  I thought I could just frog back a few rows and get back on track but it wasn't to be.  So, I pulled it out, rewound the yarn, and began again.  It is a lovely pattern and very soothing to knit.  I am happy to be knitting this shawl with my London yarn.
I also started reading this book by Diana Nyad.  I am going to hear her speak next month and thought it would be good to read her book.  She is not much older than me so I love reading about how she continues to pursue her dreams.  She has not had an easy life which was new information for me.  It is a good book to be reading in these last days of summer break when my mind is wandering back to school and all the excitement and work of launching a new school year.
My list of books to read and yarns projects to knit keeps growing.  Be sure to visit Ginny to see some of the lovely inspriation.


karen said...

we are knitting that same pattern, yay! I'm sorry you had a crazy flight home, I'm not a fan of flying!!

steph said...

I loved knitting that pattern...maybe it's time for a return to it. (Yes, I'm a lemming sometimes!!!!) Love the colour you have chosen!!!

Jessica said...

Yes, I think my book list has grown tremendously despite the many books I've finished. But what a fun problem to have! #allthebooksandyarn