Sunday, July 17, 2016

slow down and enjoy

tote bag pattern by Sue Spargo
I find myself thinking a lot about slowing down these days.  As I reflect on the school year just ended, words like rushed, hurried, over-stuffed, and stressful come to mind.  I don't have to look far to see why and with a few weeks of vacation time under my belt, I can see what needs to change.  And in case I was not getting the message, a number of books and blog posts have made their way into my life that are helping me refocus. 
Last week I listened to The Best Yes, nodding along as the author encourages readers to stop overcommitting and saying yes to all the good opportunities that come our way.  She has a list of questions to consider before saying Yes. 
This morning I clicked over to the post Kathy shared.  If you have been running through your summer days, you should really check it out.  My favorite is "Have fewer meetings."  That is one I need to include as I return to work. 
I always look forward to joining Kathy with a slow stitching post on Sundays. Even on the weeks when I don't get around to posting,  I have composed the post on my mind. 
Happy Sunday.  Hope there is some time to slow down, do a bit of stitching, and enjoy life this week.


CathieJ said...

I hope you slow down and really enjoy your summer vacation. I am taking full advantage of mine.

steph said...

enjoy your slowing down!!! I'm loving that tote bag....slow stitching is one of my favorite things, yet I don't do it often enough. A good reminder!!!

karen said...

slowing down is a must as we age. I think the days just go way to fast now that I'm older...It's a bummer really! I miss when a day felt like eternity as a child :)