Monday, May 16, 2016

Kitchen Monday

Last month I listened to this audio book and it made so much sense that I purchased a copy of the book.  Since January, I have been searching for balance in my diet.  I have been eating a veggie rich diet for awhile now but have found that I am less able to eat starchy carbs.  In January, I had a nutrition consultation and was advised to try a more plant based diet with rice, quinoa, and beans every day.  I was so hungry - all the time!  It only took a few weeks to know that this was not for me.  So I went back to more protein and veggies and reduced the starchy carbs.  Slowly, I have come back to a place of balance.  This book does not focus on weight loss as the goal.  Instead, the idea is to conquer the cravings for sugar and starch and to increase the kinds of food that digest more slowly and keep those hunger pains away. The author suggests writing a Big Why.  "When you define a clear and compelling reason for making changes - your Big Why - you create a touchstone for support during moments of temptation, or when feeling off trakck.  Your Big Why should center on the most important issues in your life." (p.128)  My Big Why is health related.  I want to be healthy enough to keep running, quilting, knitting, traveling, and playing with that grandbaby that is coming into our lives.
I spent a good part of Saturday reading the phase one recipes and doing my meal planning for the week.  Then I went to the store and loaded up on everything I need to make this first week work.  Sunday was spent prepping and cooking.  The first phase is two weeks and only just a bit restrictive since this is pretty close to how I already eat (no bread, pasta, or grains).  This is a busy week but I think I am ready. 


Jess said...

You can do it!!

Lori said...

Always nice to find something that makes sense in your life and can easily be worked in. I wish healthy eating came easier to me!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I think I need to get this book too! I want to be strong in my old age, that's my goal!