Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello Friday

The end of the school year is drawing near and because we had a fairly mild winter, we get an extra day off.  For the first time in years, there was an extra day on our calendar for a snow make-up day but since we didn't need it, we now have a four day weekend.  What a gift!  I have been playing with fabric this morning, mostly cutting out some applique for one of the Cuppa blocks that I cannot show.  But I also started looking at some of the other project piles I have waiting for some attention.  I seem to be favoring bright fabrics right now.  I am going to work on the four patches that will make up the last border of a basket quilt top that has been waiting patiently on my design wall.

Earlier this week, I finished up another shawl.  This one is from Helen Stewart, the Hilltop shawl and was knit from stash yarn - a big goal for me this year.  I finished a smaller shawl for a friend earlier this month so that is two projects off the needles.  I am about 30% on a third shawl that has been in progress since February too.  Of course, it isn't really shawl weather now but I will be ready when it is!
Happy Friday.  Hope there is some fiber in your day or at least your weekend.


Lori said...

How nice to have an extra day off!!
The shawl is so pretty.

karen said...

I love that shawl!!! she is a great designer and I've you to thank when you recommended the pebble beach shawl :) I've signed up for your society group to see what she releases once a month!