Saturday, April 9, 2016

traveling celebrations

the view taking off from New Orleans
As a child, our family did a fair amount of traveling.  There were five children so we often traveled in the family station wagon.  On those trips, we usually brought the dog along too.  Summer travel took us to visit grandparents which included Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and a week in a southern California beach house.  Every few years, we also traveled to visit aunts and uncles and the many cousins.  I flew without parents for the first time the summer after I turned 7.  My brother (just 15 months older) and I were put on a flight to Seattle to stay with cousins during the last few weeks of mom's last pregnancy.  It was August and very hot in Arizona and she needed a break from four young children.  My two younger brothers flew with dad to visit grandparents.  I still have the letter written to my parents by the flight attendant telling them how well behaved we were.  We must have been terrified because well behaved was not a term generally applied to my brother.
We took our daughters on airplanes from the very start.  Then we did a road trip in our own station wagon type car one summer and they loved being able to bring along dolls and books and all sorts of distrations.  The next time they flew, they were disappointed when we told them they could only take what would fit in a small backpack.
This week, we headed to the south.  I have visited the western states and across the upper part of the country but not the south.  We had a very brief, and dark, layover in Houston and then off to New Orleans.  What a town!  So much going on, all the time.  I told my husband that it seems like a town that does not enjoy quiet.  We did lots of walking - I love visiting places where we can walk.  I realize that I do not know much about southern culture so I returned home wanting to read and learn a bit more.  That is what I love about traveling, how it sparks my curiosity and makes me wonder and want to learn.
Home fewer than 24 hours and I am already starting to think about our next trip.  We have a short list of places in the states to visit.  I have another trip to Scotland and  perhaps the Shetland Islands on my list.  Iceland perhaps?
Today I have much to celebrate:
  • A window seat taking off from New Orleans,
  • A tight connection that we made without too much trouble,
  • Finally figuring out how to pack well - or perhaps how to not overpack,
  • Time for knitting and reading on the plane,
  • Good memories to write about,
  • A full weekend to readjust before heading back to work.


Terje said...

I like how you moved from the past to the present finishing with thoughts of the future. Wherever your next trip takes you, I wish you safe and enjoyable time travelling.

Jess said...

So glad you passed along your love of travel! I still prefer car trips for the many things I can bring along but was pleased with my minimalist packing this go around :)

Lori said...

Sounds like a blast! We only traveled by car/camper when I was little- always the "great" outdoors. My dad was from Montana so camping, hiking and fishing was always our vacation.
I'd love to go back to Iceland. It is very expensive but so many things to do.

Deb said...

Your post stirred up so many fond memories of travel with my family in the back of the station wagon when I was a child. Today I still prefer travel by ca often taking the back roads of small towns to discover a wealth of interesting buildings and points of interest. When I travel by plan I love to visit places I can walk or bike through and have discovered little gems along the way.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Lynn Koeppen said...

Fun Times! I visited New Orleans with my family when I was in high school. I remember the trip quite well. I too enjoy traveling!

karen said...

what a fun adventure! I'm planning a trip to see my daughter and I WILL conquer the over packing problem. I am doing carry on and I will will will pack lightly :)