Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday blues

I don't have the blues but my stitching projects are featuring blue this  weekend.  I went to a quilt show yesterday afternoon.  The sky was blue and blustery but the rain was holding off and I needed some inspiration.  There were some lovely quilts in the show.  I didn't take too many pictures because I find that I rarely revisit them.  But I did stop by the Shibori Dragon booth.  I have wanted to try sashiko for some time and they had some little kits.  I chose the clam shell pattern.  It is meant to be a pillow cover but I am also thinking it might go well with Sue Spargo's current Instastich quilt.
There is a high wind warning (read possible power outages) for the afternoon and evening so I am powering up my Kindle and getting another ball of yarn (also blue) ready.  I made some good progress on my vest last night. 
Linking up with Kathy's slow stitching tribe this morning.  Happy Sunday!


SandraC said...

I like the look of sashiko and look forward to seeing yours. Also, what a lovely picture of what you hope to work on today!

Lori said...

My daughter just took a shashiko class!! She loved it.
It is cold and windy here and we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. brrrr.

Jennifer said...

Love the colors and the sashiko pattern you have chosen. Enjoy!

Caffeine Girl said...

Glad you don't have the blues!
I love curling up with some good knitting when the weather is bad.

karen said...

I do love that quince yarn!! and a pretty color!