Sunday, March 6, 2016

slow stitching March 6

There has been a good amount of stitching going on around here.  All of it progressing quite slowly but that is the way with handwork.  The beauty of stitching by hand is that it is easy enough to pick up and put down and I don't need to be at my sewing table.
This week I have worked on my Cuppa block and have gone back to adding embellishment to my Imperial Blooms (another Sue Spargo BOM).  The lesson I learned with Imperial Blooms is to keep the threads and instructions together.  I am not really sure which threads go with each blocks but it doesn't seem to be making a difference.  The blocks are really beautiful with that additional stitching.
I am woefully behind on my 365 circles but I am not worried.  I have cut the blocks and the circles and the stitching will come.  I finished my first donation hat for the year and have begun on number two.  I made 15 donation hats in 2015 - not planned, just serendipity.
Yesterday the sun was shining and I may have a bit of sunburn on my cheeks from my long run.  This morning the sun is again streaming through the windows but a storm is coming.  This afternoon will be perfect for a cup of tea and some more slow stitching.
Enjoy your Sunday and visit Kathy to see what others at stitching this week.


Quilter Kathy said...

Lovely stitching embellishment... enjoy the beauty you are creating :)

Lori said...

So pretty!! Enjoy your day!

Jennifer said...

Love your embroidery/embellishing. I just learned of Sue Spargo this past week and her instastitch. said...

Your embellishments are lovely. Sue Spargo's designs are hard to resist. It is nice to take a break from a sewing machine now and then.

karen said...

pretty stitching :) the sun is out today and it is wonderful! we are heading into a really really nice week :)