Sunday, March 20, 2016

planning some spring projects

It is hard to believe spring has begun since the mornings are dark again.  But it did feel warmer when I stepped out to grab the newspaper this morning so I am hopeful.  I actually got to run in short sleeves one day this week.
I am working on loving (and using) my stash so this morning I put these lovely yarns together for a spring shawlette.  I have made this one before and it was fun to knit.  My plan is for most of the shawl to be in the variagate pinks and then add a stripe of the green just before the final edging.  Karen asked us to write about our knitting happiness.  I learned to knit from my grandmothers but it wasn't until we started the prayer shawl group at church that I really loved knitting.  And the last few years, I have worked on stretching my knitting skills.  I am currently working on a vest but my fingers have been itching to knit a shawl so this will be a great project too.   I wear a lot of black and grey so this would really add some color to my basic wardrobe.
As much as I love knitting, sewing and quilting also add much joy to my life.  As I was winding the pink yarn this morning, I looked at my design wall and realized how much I am loving the little circle blocks and the scrappyness of my grey basket quilt.  This morning I saw a picture in this post that has me itching to cut up all my scraps.  I love the idea of having a bunch of squares ready to stitch. 
Enjoy your Sunday!
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cajunquilter said...

I love quilting and knitting also. Tell me about the bag(?) you have the yarn in please. It really looks interesting.

Jennifer said...

Love your choice of yarns. I look forward to seeing your finish on this project.

Quilter Kathy said...

Happy Spring!
How was your book? I have it on hold at the library... did you enjoy it!?!
Hope you enjoy some stitching time today!

Lori said...

I have bags/boxes of squares cut in various sizes. I probably don't use enough of them, but dig through them every now and then. Happy Sunday! Yesterday was so pretty, today, wet.

karen said...

your knitting story was beautiful! I know everyone treasures the knits you make for them. I love those two skeins :)

Melissa said...

It's definitely spring here - we've just returned from a long road trip that included two days of Glamping! :)