Friday, March 18, 2016

Fiber Friday

Oh my, what a week!  Not long after my Sunday post, the wind kicked into high gear and the lights flickered a few times before going out - for almost 36 hours.  Add that to the lost hour from daylight saving time, not fun and games.  But the weekend is ahead.  I did get a small hat finished this week, a simple ribbed hat that could be knit in the dark.  This morning, I finished this lovely book.  I signed up for Lori's next doll quilt swap.  And I see that tomorrow is National Quilting Day!  I hope there will be some fiber in your weekend.


Lori said...

I'm planning on it!

karen said...

I hate losing power, I pout the entire time! Lovely knitting and I hope you don't lose power for a really long time :)

Jess said...

Perhaps a good day to put binding on my quilt! Happy weekend :)