Monday, February 22, 2016

Kitchen Mondays

I have had a great time blending up smoothies this week (or slurm as we call is at my house).  I got the Ninja Pro.  It comes with two single serving cups as well as the large blender.  I used the single serving cups to make one green and one red drink earlier this week.  This morning, I pulled out the large blending jar and made 3 servings of a carrot, orange, apple, ginger juice and 3 servings using all greens - kale, celery, cucumber, parsley, and lime.  I added some protein powder, one banana, coconut milk, and water.  I really like this blender.  It made a very smooth drink, was easy to assemble, and simple to clean up.  

I am trying to pay attention to more than just the numbers - the weight on the scale, the number of steps on my Fitbit, even the number of calories.  I picked up a fun little spiral planner at the start of February.  It has a monthly calendar and then the week on two pages.  I am using the monthly calendar to track my exercise so I can get a good overview.  On the weekly pages, I am adding some bits and pieces about what I have been eating, new recipe ideas, and inspiration.  I have printed a bunch of pictures from my Pinterest boards and glue them on the pages - finally, a use for all that pinning!
One link for you today.  I have been listening to podcasts from this site.  I am learning so much and have been recommending them to everyone I know who has an interest in eating well. 
Happy Monday!


Lori said...

We got my son a ninja a couple years ago for Christmas and it is quite the blender!
Love your notebook. I've bookmarked the site and hopefully will get a chance to listen to some of the podcasts.

karen said...

I am off to check the link thank you!! I lost weight last year through apps on my phone, walking and counting calories. I've stopped and the weight has slowly crept back up. I want to get back to it but dread the entering of info. I might just do hardcopy notebook like you and jazz it up with pens and clippings....very very visual and probably more motivating than an app.

Melissa said...

That looks like a great planner and I like how you're using it to track as well as keep ideas and bits & pieces.