Monday, February 15, 2016

Kitchen Mondays

I can't remember when I started drinking my greens but hardly a day goes by without one these days.  I have found a few shortcuts along the way but the most amazing discovery is to blend the greens with just a bit of liquid before adding other ingredients.  Makes for a much smoother drink.  I also chop and divide my greens as soon as I bring them home.  Then I put them in jars and freeze them.  In the morning, I simply add liquid and blend.  The greens are frosty but not frozen chunks, so they blend up easily.
I have been using an immersion (stick) blender but recently, I found that it isn't blending kale so I am awaiting the arrival of a new blender.  I will return with a review after some time to try it out.
My go to green drink:
Spinach or kale
Green apple
Celery tops
And just a bit of frozen pineapple.
Two places I have visted often to learn more about green drinks and staying away from sugar:
What do you put in your smoothies?

Now, a bit of quilting to round out this holiday Monday.  
I decided on the next border for my basket quilt. I cut an oval shape in half and I am appliqué in them on a light grey border strip.  I think this will be a nice break before the final pieced border.  I am out of the dark grey from the center so the last border will be a slightly different grey but still a darker solid.   I am thinking it will be a checkerboard.  Hope to get going on that machine piecing this afternoon.


Lori said...

Fun! One more day off to sew!! I like it!!

Jess said...

My smoothies sound similar! I also have started adding ginger and parsley and some flax meal.

karen said...

your quilt is looking mighty lovely! I haven't had a smoothie for about a seems I am due for one :)

Barb said...

yea for green - I have started having green tea and a green apple everyday.
Hope you had a fun sew day

Eli Joseph said...

Such a great post on Kitchen Mondays. I am very impressed to read this post and Green drink recipe that you have shared seems quite interesting. I have never tried any smoothie or green drink but I would love try this one soon!