Friday, February 26, 2016

Fiber Friday - a paper edition

There wasn't much yarn or fabric in my week but I did spend some time with paper and I think of that as a fiber too.
I wandered down an Instgram rabbit trail of beautiful Bible journaling.  I have been working up the courage to draw in my bible but this week I started with a little bible study book from our group at church.  This is a study on the fruits of the spirit.  We read and talked about kindness in February.  I didn't take many notes that evening so I went back and re-read the study and scriptures.  Then I pulled out my pens and pencils and did a bit of drawing.  I also pulled some images from my Pinterest feed and after them to the pages.  There is something quite relaxing about this activity.  I think I will open my bible and get started illustrating my faith this week ne.
Do you write or draw in your bible?  


Lori said...

I make lots of notes, but am not artistic at all, so keep the drawings out.
I like what you are doing.

cajunquilter said...

I do write in my bible, notes, etc. I haven't been brave enough to draw in it, but a friend has a new journaling bible that I am thinking about getting to draw in, hers is lovely.

I love how you did the drawings. I am not very good at drawing but I think I could do simple things.

darlynn said...

i do write notes in my bible. it is the only way i can remember the meaning of the passages...horrible memory. no drawing. i cannot even draw a stick figure!

Janan Doster said...

I have been looking at the new Bible journaling too. I already write notes in my Bible, but not drawings. I just purchased a new Bible designed with wider pages to make the journaling easier, but I still think I will just make notes, but now with beautiful colored pens, not just black ink.
But I really like your idea, much better, as with a paper journal, just as you did, you will have entries relating to topics, and then reference the scriptures. I think this will serve me better for my studies, and for returning back to the pages as needed.

karen said...

I love this :) I don't think I could draw in a bible but I have been on pinterest and have seen the most beautiful work!!