Sunday, January 17, 2016

this might take awhile

I spent a few hours in my sewing room yesterday and hope to get back there today.  I am cutting triangles and squares to finish the first border on my baskets.  I want it to be pretty random so I am cutting triangles instead of the half square method that is much quicker.  And while this is taking a bit longer, I know it will be worth the effort.  There is the added bonus of  really going through my fabrics since I want this to be a stash project..
I am trying not to think ahead to what will come next.  I know I am running out of this dark grey but I also know there is a lovely medium grey with dark grey polka dots in my stash.  What I really want it to let this one evolve, not to rush to the finish.
And speaking of slow, last night I washed and re-blocked a lovely shawl that I made a few years ago.  I loved knitting this shawl and the year is wonderful.  But I know so much more about how to block my knitting and was not vigorous enough the first time around.  I just took out the blocking pins and I am so excited to wear this shawl again.  And to think I was contemplating un-knitting this beauty.  So much to be said for slowing down (or maybe procrastinating!).
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Lori said...

I am getting ready to start quilting my basket quilt. I do not have quilt stores near enough to run to if I run out of fabric, so that's a great reason to have a little stash to work with. I like your attitude:)

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Slowing down and enjoying the process is important for me also. Enjoy your stitches today

Valerie Reynolds said...

My husband and I had a simliar talk last night. LOL!! Just my transition of learning to slow down..enjoy the proces....not always easy when the last 20 years were spent being MOM. :) :) Oh empty is lovely though. I'm grateful for a patient husband. HAPPY STITCHING!!!