Monday, January 18, 2016

Project Love Your Stash

On Saturday, I did the old dump and dig with a few bins of my fabric stash.  I was looking for bits and pieces to use for my basket quilt and for some more circles.  I made quite the mess but had a lovely time.  In fact, I still haven't returned all the fabric to their bins but that is the lovely thing about a three day weekend.
As I was digging and sorting, I came across a number of solids, all of them fat quarters.  I have purchased them over the years but have not made one cut into any of them.
What will they be?  I am still waiting to see if I get into a class at the Sisters show because they would be perfect for that projects.
One of the podcasts that I listen to is Curious Handmade.  Helen has been walking us through a stash project for our yarns but it fits very well with fabric stash too.  I am hoping to make this a year when I use some of these lovely fabrics that I have purchased and carefully stored over the years.  I am determined to make my basket quilt from stash only.
When I sort through my stash, I love the variety.  I have Civil war, plaids, wool, brights, pastels, a pretty good selection of neutrals in both lights and darks.  I think I could easily make a few quilts with the kind of scrappy look that I like without leaving my sewing room.  In the past few years, I have gotten rid of fabrics that I really do not like - those pieces that were a really good deal but don't reflect my style.  I have a few that might be called ugly, but when you put them with some of the busier, brighter fabircs, they are perfect.  I do love my stash.  Now I just need to use it.
So, on the Making Monday front, I have a few ideas buzzing around.  There are some simple houses that would use a wide variety of fabrics and be so fun to make a few at a time.  I am also making some new recipes from a cooking class I attended yesterday and some journal pages for an online class.  
So, what do you love about your stash?  And what are you making today?


Lori said...

I love that I pretty much just go to my stash to make my quilts! No sewing yet today. :(

Nann said...

My stash is enormous. Sometimes I look at it and feel overwhelmed. I then turn around three times (metaphorically speaking) and feel energized by the possibilities!

beth s said...

I love making a quilt without purchasing fabric. The scraps are always there calling my name!! ;)

Karen Ellsworth said...

I found a ridiculous deal on Craigslist last Fall so have a nice variety of fabrics to choose from in my stash. It's so fun shopping the stash and getting creative with what I already have. :-)