Wednesday, January 20, 2016

pink yarn and good books

I cast on my vest but the chart takes some concentration so I pulled out a ball of pink yarn and started a small hat for our next donation project.  I am adding some white stripes too. 
This is week two of the Courage Works online class and I am right on track.  I am enjoying the combination of the videos, reading, and writing. 
My cookbook shelf is pretty full but I so often make the same things over and over and forget to pull out my cookbooks.  At the cooking class I took last weekend, the instructor mentioned this book that was sitting on my shelf (it is geared to feeding a family with children but don't let that stop you).  The recipes are perfect for the dietary changes I am making.  I used a bunch of bright, orange sticky notes to mark some new recipes.  Yesterday I  made a batch of sweet potato egg cups which will make my teaching mornings a lot easier to navigate.
Would love to stay and chat but it is time to pack my lunch and head out to work.  Happy Wednesday!


Lori said...

Sounds like you are staying on track for 2016! Have a wonderful day!!

Jess said...

Looking for anti inflammatory recipes, so hoping you will share :)

karen said...

hats are like hershey kisses, bite sized!! glad you had the idea and the yarn to cast on.