Saturday, January 16, 2016

holding my plans loosely

I have been back in the classroom for two weeks now and every day has been a celebration.  Some of it has been about the students but there has been much to celebrate about my own learning.
As teachers, we often hold pretty tightly to our lesson plans.  In this class, I am finding I need to hold those plans loosely. 
I made play dough.  I know these little hands need to grow stronger by pinching and rolling and squeezing.  But my play dough was un-dyed, natural.  In my eyes, that opened up the possibilities.  At the end of the first week I asked the students what they enjoyed and they all said water play and play dough.  Then one child said, "But could we have pink play dough next time?"  It was one of those ah ha moments.  Of course they wanted pink play dough.  This is a class of three-year-old who girls (it just happened that only girls signed up for the mid-year start).  They wear pink from head to toe.  They choose the pink paint, the pink scissors, the pink paper.  That afternoon I added pink dye to the play dough.  I really had to stiffle a laugh when at the end of the second week, that same child requested blue play dough next.
I am also celebrating a long weekend.  It has been a packed start to the month and I am looking forward to some time to read and sew and knit.
What are you celebrating this week?  Linking up with Ruth today.


Ramona said...

Time to read and sew and knit - lovely plans for your 3 day weekend. Pink this week, blue next week, variety is the spice of life! Enjoy a slow weekend!

Lori said...

Your post made me smile!

Linda B said...

I just made Gak this past week with my granddaughters, & yes, they wanted red (ends up pinkish), then yellow. I have a great play-dough recipe that you cook if you'd like to try it. It's not as messy, keeps for along time. Sounds like the weekend will be nice after a busy two weeks!

Carol Varsalona said...

Now you can celebrate your three day weekend. Enjoy!

Jennifer Vincent said...

Aw! That's so cute that they asked for pink play dough! I love it. Making your own is super smart and it sounds like they are liking the opportunity to play and explore and create and learn. Thanks for letting us into your classroom!

Crystal Brunelle said...

So fun to have pink play dough. It seems that often making their day is such a simple thing. One little change can bring tons of smiles.