Friday, January 22, 2016

Fiber friday

Happy Friday!  January is always a busy month for me.  Lots of extra work related activities.  But today is Friday and the weekend is coming!  Yesterday I had a paper date with my daughter.  While she worked on a journal, I sorted paper.  I found some fabric related paper that I want to use for a journal page.  I am planning to keep a journal about my circle project.  I am a few blocks behind but have cut another stack of squares and circles and plan to get caught up this weekend.  I have been inspired by how others are piecing fabric to make their circles so I hav Ben playing with that method too.  Circles are my favorite shape to appliqué so this is a great project for me.
I hear the rain falling but my weather app promises som clearing this afternoon so I will pack my running gear and end my Friday on a high note.
Hope there is some fiber in your Friday!


Lori said...

I hope there is fiber in my Friday too!!
Looks like a happy crafty pile!!

Shasta Matova said...

Sounds like fun spending time with your daughter. I have been piecing some of my circles too. Keeping a journal about the circles is a great idea.

audrey said...

I had to skip Friday, but there is definitely some fiber in my Saturday.:)

Marie said...

It's fun to see your circles and I think that Audrey was brilliant for thinking this up. It will be a great journal of your year in and of itself.