Tuesday, December 29, 2015

more important things

I don't hold on to things.  I love to fill a box or bag with clothes, shoes, books, fabric, magazine and take them to the donation store or library.  This magazine is almost 6 years old and has evaded many shelf cleaning sessions.  I pull it out every December.  It has some good information and provides motivation to start the year off with a return to food and health habits that I know are the best.
Last night, I resisted the urge to snack on some no-so-good-food by picking up this magazine.  Inside I found an article that I don't remember really reading, all about nuts and seeds.  The timing is perfect since I am planning to seek more plant based protein for my lunches. 
How will you jump start the new year?  It doesn't have to be a diet.  Maybe a new quilting or knitting project.  A gratitude journal.  A committment to moving more.  I would love to chat.  I have noticed that a lot of comments lead me to a Google page and I can't always figure out how to get in touch so if you want to chat, be sure to leave an email.


Dondi Murdock said...

I find January is the perfect time to start something new. There is no pressure with holidays. Although I must say that I really simplified Christmas this year. It made the holiday so enjoyable and joyful. I started my quilting projects early in November and had them finished by the 20th of December. I bought choir CDs for neighbor gifts rather than try to bake anything. I gave the grandchildren gifts from my past which helped clear out my overloaded house. I no longer need Madame Alexander dolls sitting in my china hutch. The old Erector set from my youth now has a new life added to the new set the grandsons got, etc. It turned out that everything I gave away was something the grandchildren really liked.

I went to the gym yesterday with an attitude of "I must do this for my body". Soon it will be an addiction, a healthy one. In a few months I can be riding my bike outside again in clean, fresh air. Yippee!

There is so much to be joyous about! Everyone's life is filled with challenges and frustrations and difficulties. It is our job to rise above those cranky parts because we are here to experience joy. I'm cutting out new quilts because I'm determined to cut my stash. Dondi at cmurdock4229@msn.com

Have a wonderful New Year! And, it's time for me to make green smoothies again. Yesterday I bought strawberries for a splurge for us!

Pink Kicks said...

Sounds like you have some awesome plans for 2016! I love this time of the year! I like the idea of starting fresh! Some people say why wait for the new year to start fresh, but honestly this is the time of the year where I'm motivated more than ever. Plus I find with the cold winter months, it is easier for me to stay on track....once spring hits with the warmer weather, I find that's when I struggle with staying on track. That's why I love this time of the year. Time to celebrate the accomplishments and the struggles of the previous year and get set to tackle on new adventures for the year ahead!

Lori said...

I've got lots of plans but am hoping to hire a new employee soon so I dont need to work as much!! That would be a great start.

Janan Doster said...

I too am planning to just try to start eating healthier. I want to add more plant based protein, less sugar, less salt. And getting moving! Maybe I will be healthier this year!!