Monday, December 28, 2015

important things

Sometimes I move quickly from idea to action and I miss some of the important things that might insure success.  Knitting is a great example.  I have long wanted to knit a sweater.  I found a pattern, acquired the yarn, picked up my needles and cast on.  Before long, it was obvious that this was not going to work.  The sweater was knitting up too large or too small.  I would put the project away and at some point, pull it off the needles, rewind the yarn, and set it aside.  This month, I contemplated signing up for a class on sweater knitting.  Then I would have to take all the necessary steps and would have the support of a teacher and classmates.  But the cost of such a class was about the same as the cost of yarn for a sweater.  And the schedule was pretty tight.  I am not a fast knitter and feared falling behind.  Fortunately, I have two daughters who love to knit and they are both up for a sweater knitting challenge.  So, I am starting again.  I picked a fairly simple vest, got some beautiful yarn, and did an important thing - I knit, washed, and blocked a swatch.  I was so happy to see that I was able to get gauge using the recommended needles.  I am hopeful that this vest will be a finished project in 2016.
Knitting is not the only place where I move too quickly.  I am a joiner and a pushover for online challenges. I am lured in by the sparkly images I see on blogs and Instagram.  And before long, I have so many daily activities to complete that I would need to quit my job to keep up.  Accountability is an important thing for me.  I have been successful with online tracking only when I know and connect with someone else who is also tracking.  (I have to revisit my notes from Gretchen Rubin's book about this external motivation factor.)  So I was happy to see that Lori is getting ready to plug back into healthy eating and exercise.  This morning I cleaned out the fridge and piled a bunch of veggies on a plate, topped with two poached eggs.  Over the next few days, I will be doing another important thing, some serious meal planning and prep so I will be ready to head back to work next week. 
Hoping this week gives you time to focus on the important things.  Be well.


karen said...

i love your sweater knitting along and you know this might be the time that it all works out!! I love to knit but I do love short term projects sweaters take the longest then shawls but shawls don't feel like they take too long for me.

Liz D said...

Your notebook is beautiful, can you tell me what it is?

A thought about knitting...allow yourself the time to enjoy the process and the pleasure of the needles, the yarn, the rhythm. One need not rush to produce a final item. Never worry about being ''slow''...[lol, says the world's slowest knitter, aka--me!]

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