Thursday, December 31, 2015

important things - words

My one little word for 2015 was HOLD.  As I look back at my archives, I find that I really did not write much about this annual project.  I wrote my word on this rock and placed it on my desk.  I tried to pay attention to how it showed up in my life.  Perhaps the most important thing I learned from this word in 2015 is that I must learn to hold things loosely and to find comfort in the memories. 
Words are very important things and I have a new word for 2016.  I am not quite ready to write about this new word although it has already made an impact on my thinking and planning.
Do you have New Year's Eve traditions?  List making?  Goal setting?  I have heard of burning a calendar or throwing something away.  I am planning to get in one last run today.  I have been messing about with my yarn and fabric this week and have some ideas for projects that I will finish and some that I will start.  I am hoping to cast off one last knitted item this evening.  And I have so many ideas about how to use this space in 2016.  I hope you will come back and join me.
Happy New Year!


Valerie Reynolds said...
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Valerie Reynolds said...

HI Juliann...I too enjoy starting my year with a new word. It sets an attitude....and intentional mission for all my growth and learning for the year. My word for 2016 will be Fabulous. I can't wait to write more about this in January. Enjoy that run...I'll get a good walk today myself. Have a great New real traditions...just enjoying the company of friends for dinner and card playing. :)V

Lori said...

I've decided whatever exercise I do today needs to be inside! Brrrrr..... I'm looking forward to hearing about your 2016 Word of the year.

Pam said...

Hi Juliann. I think I'm choosing 2 words for the new year. "Finish" is one. I seem to struggle with actually seeing things through to completion. I would like to change that in a lot of areas in my life. The other word that has presented itself is "Heal". I want to lean in and allow more time and space for healing this year...listening to my heart and giving it what it needs.

Thank you for connecting us with your posts. :)

karen said...

it's a perfect word! I cannot commit to one word but I admire all who do :)