Friday, December 4, 2015

friday fitness and fiber

For the last four weeks I have turned up the heat in my fitness routine.  I have been working with a trainer and developed a plan that is helping me ease back into running.  I have been using my tracker cards and loading up on the veggies.  My daily step count is going up.
I am starting to look at possible races for 2016.  I want very much to run another half marathon but I am going to be realistic.  My foot pain is just beginning to subside and I don't want to slide back.  So, I have my eye on a Mother's Day run.  It is on a trail just north of here, a nice, flat course.
My current goal is to get 50 miles of running in before December 31 (I started that challenge on Nov. 22).  And I am making every effort to stretch more.  I found come good calf stretches that are helping with my foot pain (it is all connected!).
For the fiber portion of my Friday I am going to direct you to a lovely project that I saw on Angie's blog.  Angie writes the most thoughtful posts, always reminding me to find joy in the work that I choose.  A quote that has been on my mind lately is from Theodore Roosevelt - "Comparison is the thief of joy."
I am still working on fiber and fitness goals for 2016.  Are you planning or goal setting or maybe even dream casting?  Happy Friday!


Lori said...

That is wonderful to end the year on a high note! I'm so glad the trainer is helping and you are able to start running again. I agree about taking is slow!! Makes the best sense!

audrey said...

I know running is very important to some people. My daughter loves it. 'Comparison is the thief of joy' is one of my favorite quotes. Some day I'm going to stitch it onto a wall hanging and hang it in my quilt room.:)

A Latte Lipstick said...

Great post! You can do it! :)

XO Chloe
A Latte Lipstick