Saturday, December 19, 2015

Celebrating time to pause

Today I am celebrating and embracing time to pause.  This can be the season of hurry up but I am not going to take that for in the road.  
Today, this weekend, for the next two weeks - 
I am going to let those little boxes on my calendar page stay fairly empty.  
I am going to sit and read.
I am going to play with paper and fabric.
I am going to watch a movie.
I am going to write.
I am going to make soup.
I am going to celebrate time to pause before we launch into new adventures and a new year.


Michelle Haseltine said...

Oh those plans sound heavenly to me!! I join you in celebrating empty boxes on the calendar! Enjoy your TIME!

Lori said...

The world (and people) move us forward way too fast! I like what you have planned!!

Valerie Reynolds said...

PS: I added ya to my blogroll...looking forward to following in 2016!! Val:)

Valerie Reynolds said...

I totally agree....this next two weeks is a wonderful time to relax and rejuvinate ourselves. ENJOY! (PS: I LOVE your hats. I wish I could knit. Honestly, my mom has tried to teach me three times, and I always pull toooooo tight.)

Linda B said...

I do have a few days to 'pause', hurry, and then 'pause' again. Thanks for the word that works for me, and love your list for your vacation.

Pink Kicks said...

I love this post! It really lets me sit back and reflect on all the crazy busy things going on this time of year. You've inspired me to pause as well! Thanks for the great post!

karen said...

yes to all of your pauses!! I think you will be enjoying your pause and enjoying the season :)

Diane said...

That's such a great concept that I think I will adopt it as well! I'm looking forward to the quiet moments as much as I enjoy the celebrations. Thanks for the good reminder.