Tuesday, December 8, 2015

a #makegoodfeelgood

a sweater knit by my grandmother for my mom in the 60's
Last week, Kate at A Playful Day, wrote about the connection between crafting and mental health.
Yesterday, there were many stories shared about how knitting and crafting have pulled people out of hard times under #makegoodfeelgood.
And it got me thinking about crafting and my own mental health.  When mom had her back surgery I stitched circles to squares.  It was simple and soothing to sit by her bed and stitch.  Last spring, when mom fell and moved so quickly from that to hospice, I cast on a shawl, something with just enough to keep my hands busy but easy to pick up and put down.  I come from a long line of fiber folks and stitching can be my balance. 
These last few weeks have been a rush of busy-ness and even my simple, garter stitch knitting cannot quiet the buzz.  Reading the Instagram feed yesterday reminded me that it is important to find that place of quiet and calm.  I think perhaps I need to cast on a new donation hat. 
I would love to hear how sewing or knitting is bringing you joy and peace.


Lori said...

Funny how we use stitching of one sort or another to calm us or be a type of therapy. I certainly do!!

karen said...

every day I knit is a mental health day for me. Knitting keeps me sane and helps me worry less. Worrying is a past time that I try to stop and sometimes I can :)

steph said...

knitting has often been compared to zen.....and that calm centering it creates. what would a day be like without it? I'd hate to find out!!!

Kurt Schindler said...

My sewing room was "my happy place" as my husband went through a year of "ups and downs" re: his health. It is a place where I can forget and just concentrate on what I am creating. It kept me sane.


tink's mom said...

I know when I am fighting stress by the number of projects I can get finished. Be it knitting, crocheting or quilting. I sew and crochet at breakneck speed. Knitting is a bit slower. I think it helps me not to think about the stressful stuff.