Sunday, October 25, 2015

slow stitching, first drafts, and revisions

The sashiko needles didn't really work for me so I switched to some large eyed quilting needles.  It is slow but much better.
The contrast color for the shawl wasn't working for me.  I have contemplated taking it off the needles but I am going to let it sit for awhile.  There are plenty of other projects on the needles.
I started to applique my orange peels but the shapes got too wonky so I think I will try another method.
Sometimes my fiber projects are like first drafts and need to be revised.  I am trying not to let this hold me up.  I have been visiting Nikki's blog lately and many of her thoughts on writing and knitting and learning resonate with me.  I am only just now realizing that sewing, knitting, and writing have a lot in common.  How wonderful to be able to slow down and let the craft emerge and perhaps, teach us something.  What are your fiber projects teaching you these days?
Be sure to slow down long enough to visit Kathy's weekly Slow Stitching post.


Cathy said...

Hi Juliann! I am so glad to find you! Looks like we have a lot in common~ This past year I lost my motivation, but am now finding it, and getting reconnected with the needle workers, journalists and those that love the LORD! Hugs~!
Oh, I found you through Kathy's blog today~

Kaja said...

I like Nikki's blog, which I hadn't seen before. Also like the parallel between writing and sewing. If you think of it this way, your unsuccessful first go's are not holding you up, they are a valid part of the process.

audrey said...

Some things need a redo and a rethink that's for sure! Love seeing the stitching add texture to this lovely quilt!

Stephie said...

I like making 'first drafts' too, they're like sketches I think :) Sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find out what works best, or what fabrics you like together - it's all part of the process, which is the most enjoyable part of taking it slow. Love your appliqué, it looks really fun.

VivJM said...

The slowing down and learning process resonates with me too. I try to think of all of the craft I do in terms of "drafts" as well. Sometimes the "proper" way or equipment doesn't work how we expected and we have to try something else. That's part of the joy of it!
Enjoyed seeing your stitching (visiting form Slow Sunday Stitching)

karen said...

I envy your stitching talent, I do some inventing with knitting and I rip out a lot before I find what I like when I'm designing.