Monday, October 12, 2015

Making Monday

I have not had great success with my yarn of late.  I was working on a shawl that had me unknitting too many times to get the stitch count correct.  So I started something I thought would be social knitting, a simple 4 row repeat, and I could not figure out which row I was on each time I put it down and picked it up.  So this weekend, I decided to pull out a hat pattern - my go to for social knitting - and some yarn that has been languishing in my stash long enough.  This is a pattern (Henny from Buckaloo View) that I tried earlier this year, before I really conquered the yarn over.  I have had enough practice now and this time the pattern is coming together. 
I am trying very hard not to join any more knit alongs for a bit and get my own stash and project list in order.  I am hoping my Making Notebook will help me get back on track.
What are you making this Monday?


Lori said...

It seems like such a nice time of the year for knitting. I've pulled out some wool for an applique project.

karen said...

beautiful knitting!! I rarely join knit alongs so I do not have that problem. However I have way more projects that I'd like to knit that the day does not allow (nor my hands with non stop knitting!!).