Wednesday, October 7, 2015

autumn yarn

I stumbled on to this book just last week, although I know I have heard of it from others.  But I am loving this story of a man who decides to walk - walk toward or walk away?  It has captured my heart. 
And I very much want to knit something with this lovely, orange yarn.  I am thinking a simple shawl to wear with my black and grey wardrobe.  Just haven't come across the right pattern. 
So happy to have yarn and books on my side table today.
Linking up with Ginny for a weekly yarn and book post.


steph said...

And be sure to read the sequel....Miss Queenie Hennessey (not the whole title, but I forget the exact one); I think I like it even better!!! (and I love Pilgrimage!)

Great color shawl....

You are definitely in a 'happy place'!!!

karen said...

shawls are my go to knits when I'm not sure of what I want to knit. The book looks good :)