Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday words

I heard Emily Freeman on a podcast recently (thanks to the recommendation of my daughter).  She was talking about her new book, Simply Tuesday: small moment living in a fast moving world.
Of course I clicked over to Amazon to get a bit more information and downloaded a sample from the book on my Kindle.  This quote jumped out at me.  I guess I am going through a reflective season but this message keeps coming to me - stop looking for the bright lights and fireworks.  Embrace the medium light.
Having lost mom just four months ago and having two friends who are walking a similar journey, I don't want to forget this - the medium, ordinary, yet amazingly wonderful moments of a regular day.
What words are you claiming this Monday?


Jennie in GA said...

This is where my family is as we walk through life with SIL's brain cancer diagnosis. The ordinary can be quite extraordinary.

karen said...

Whenever I have a challenging day, I think of those nothing days that I didn't savor. Now when I have a nothing day I bank them up in my memory for whatever challenges occur.