Thursday, August 6, 2015

and this is why we take pictures

I have sewn nine of the rail fence blocks and yesterday, I put them up on the wall, rearranged a few times, and then took a picture.  As I looked at the photo, I realized what Sujata means when she talks about the many possibilities for arranging these blocks.  I didn't see that they were going in different directions until I saw the picture on my phone.  Another good reason to pace myself too.  I am thinking I will make 16 blocks and have a square quilt (I do so love square quilts).  I have pulled fabric for another 8 blocks, that will give me a bit of wiggle room for the layout.  It will be hard to return to work next week and give up the luxury of sewing all day.
A few of you said you were interested in a Jen Kingwell quilt along.  After a bit of chatting, I am thinking I will make the Midnight at the Oasis quilt.  The Small World is really fun and there is a quilt along in progress for that one with some very good tutorials and information on errata.  I just think the small pieces are more than I can manage once I return to work and the Midnight quilt lends itself to making one round per month (perhaps 2 on the larger borders).  But I am also thinking it would be fun for everyone to make the quilt of their choice.  There are some great quilts in Jen's new book, Quilt Lovely.  I will look into having a monthly link up for progress and we can cheer one another on to a finish. 
Now, back to those rail fence blocks and a few little dresses for Lori.


dutchcomfort said...

I’ve created a group on Flickr for people who are working on projects from the Quilt Lovely Book.
As you might have seen, I’m already working on the MATO quilt, so one from the book sounds like a great plan for the quilt-along!

Jess said...

We could make a blog badge for your QAL! Maybe a monthly check in is something I could aim for. Off to research her patterns!

Lori said...

YOu are making great progress on this quilt. Funny what we see in photos and not the naked eye.

Kaja said...

These are great blocks. Photos are so helpful, aren't they: I always find things in a picture I miss in real life.