Sunday, July 5, 2015

slow stitching - the binding edition

I was able to get the machine quilting finished on two small quilts last week.  This morning, before the upstairs got too hot, I cut and ironed the binding for both quilts and will get that sewn on today.  Then I will have some lovely, slow stitching to take out to the shady deck when the temps climb back up this afternoon.
When I was upstairs, I dumped out a bunch of bins in search of fabric for a low volume quilt.  I began a nice little pile and found a few other treasures that I had forgotten.  I brought those downstairs too, trying to avoid going upstairs as much as possible.
Our forecast has this hot weather sticking around for awhile so I am off to the kitchen to do some meal planning and prep.  I am even considering plugging my crock pot into the outlet on the deck!

Enjoy your Sunday and visit Kathy to see what others are slow stitching today.


Lori said...

The crockpot outside sounds like a great idea! Our temps are supposed to be cooling later in the week to mid-80s! That ought to feel great.

Stephie said...

Can't imagine that sort of heat! I hope you enjoyed some stitching in the shade :)