Tuesday, July 21, 2015

on the wall

The lovely thing about doing a deep clean and purge is that you might happen upon some lovely things.  Here are five items I have uncovered in #thegreatsummerpurge.
Top row:
The Noah quilt is from Janet Bolten's book Mrs. Noah's Patchwork Quilt.  I have done some simple quilting and just need to decide on a binding. 
I am not sure why I pieced those squares, perhaps I was going to make a journal cover?  Anyway, an idea came to me when I pulled it out of a bin of scraps.  Stay tuned.
On the bottom row:
I made the heart using little pieces you get when you trim half square triangles and ironing them down on some fusible interfacing.  I had intended to mount it somehow but never got around to it.  I really must figure out how to use this.  Any ideas?  The little chair is a piece I made in Janet Bolton's class at Sisters (4 or 5 years ago?).  It is finished so I am not sure why it was in a bin of scraps.  And the little bird is a Sue Spargo design.  When I made it, I imagined it being one of many that would go into a larger quilt but now I am thinking it should be a wall hanging on its own.
Also uncovered in my work yesterday were some wonderful projects, on that I was beginning to think I gave away in another flurry of cleaning out the stash.  I was able to get my fabric stash all sorts, purged, and reboxed by the end of the day and the room looks so inviting again. 
Now, a trip to the donation shop is in order before I change my mind.


Pinkadot Quilts said...

I really love that chair block! Love anything by Janet Bolton!

The Civil War Quilter said...

What fun finding long-forgotten pieces. I purged my stash of all fabric NOT Civil War or 30's 7 or 8 years ago. I found old works too. I love your Noah quilt and the Bird piece. Glad they will be displayed now.

audrey said...

Your Janet Bolton block is really sweet, but they all look wonderful on the wall! How fun to find these and get a good long look at them again!

Lori said...

How fun to find "lost" projects.