Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday - sewing room reboot

I was delighted to wake up to an overcast, breezy sky.  It looks like we have a break in the hot weather which means I can spend time in my upstairs sewing room.  I got up early on Saturday and started my reboot by reclaiming these drawers.  Before - a jumble of stuff, mostly sewing but also too many packets of screws and bolts (not sure why).  I dumped every thing out, sorted and purged.  Then I found new homes for the stuff I would keep.  I had decided that these drawers would be perfect for my knitting accessories that kept getting lost in the bottom of baskets.  The top drawer now holds cable needles, stitch markers, and a variety of small items.  Drawer number two now holds my needles - all in one place!  The bottom drawer currently holds empty project bags and printed patterns.  I am hoping to match the patterns with yarn but for now, I know where to find them.
Today I am going to finish my big project - purging my fabric collection.  I did the with yarn recently (motivated by a Love Your Stash challenge on Ravely).  Now it is time to let someone else love the stash that I no longer love.
My Monday making list:
  • Pebble Beach shawl - I am at 40% now
  • Binding on the churn dash quilt
  • Hand quilting my prayer quilt
  • Setting up a new journal space for an online class 
  • Meal plans for my quest to quit sugar
Today I am linking up with Making Monday.  Take a look at what others are making today.


steph said...

I love the 'rebooting' image!! I've got a couple spots around the house that could use the same thing!!! :)

Jess said...

So inspiring! Way to go :)

Lori said...

What a fun busy summer!

karen said...

I love that knitting took precedence over the sewing :) But I know you love both.

Bonnie said...

No way do I want to even think about my yarn stash. I don't have that much but enough. And, my fabric stash has recently been augmented by going to way too many fabric stores as part of the Row By Row Experience. Sigh. Time to make some more quilty things.