Wednesday, July 1, 2015

chasing shade and other distractions

I have been a bit off my running game of late but today, I didn't need to leave home until 9:30 am so I grabbed my running shorts and on just one cup of coffee, went for a run.  I run on a trail by a river and I have two choices, north or south.  Today I chose south because I knew there would be more shade and even at 6 am, it was getting hot.  I tried not to pay attention to my pace, just keeping my head up, lifting my knees, and remembering to smile and greet the other early morning runners and walkers.  It was a good choice.
I rode my bike the other evening and was happy to be back on my wheels.  A great option when a morning run isn't possible.
I have been working on a black, ribbed hat and the dark yarn is really hard on my eyes so I am pulling out a recent acquisition and pondering a new project.  I bought this yarn at a little store in Port Gamble when I was on quilt retreat.  It is baby alpaca and silk, hand dyed (I got to meet the dyer) and there are 500 yards on the skein.  I have two of Helen Stewart's lovely shawls in my library that would look beautiful in this year.
I finished All the Light We Cannot See (LOVED IT!) so it is time for one of the many books on my Kindle.  I think I will read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I recently listed to One Plus One by the same author and enjoyed the story and the style. 

I am also enjoying some wonderful journalling inspiration on Instagram lately and plan to pull out my colored pencils and pens to jazz up my July calendar. 
Today I am linking up with Ginny and a gathering of knitters who read.  Go for a peek but be warned, your reading list will multiply!


karen said...

good to know that book is a read worthy! Soon! Love the yarn in the photo,looks quite soft!

Lori said...

I'm planning on getting out tomorrow for a run. I haven't decided if I'm doing a race on the 4th or not. I've been doing a weights class at 7:30 and am enjoying a change.

Lynda said...

Me Before You is my favourite of Jojo Moyes books.
I loved it!! xx

Lynn Koeppen said...

It sounds as though you are busy having fun! I loved that book as well. I'm finishing up The Last Crossing for my book club's July meeting, and then I'm going to start The Girl on the Train.

Lucy Bowen said...

I really enjoyed me before you, the yarn looks lovely.