Wednesday, July 8, 2015

books and yarn and coffee and author talks

Another Wednesday and another chance to link up with Ginny's yarn along.  I cast on my Pebble Beach Shawl this week but I think I should have started with a shorter cable.  I will make that adjustment before I get back to my knitting.  I set aside my Kindle book because Girl at War came in at the library.  It is another good read. 
I happend upon two author talks the last few weeks.  Love that about Seattle.  We could attend an author talk every week thanks to our independent book stores.  This week I went to hear Mary Doria Russell talk about her new book.  She is a great speaker, really funny and very smart.  Last week I went to hear Stephanie Kallos talk about her newest book.  She was also very entertaining and such a great reader.
Today is an unclaimed day and I intend to put in some serious time on the deck with my yarn, my book, and a cup of coffee or three.


Jen Letts said...

We lost all our bookstores on this island, the independents and the one large chain too. I miss browsing bookstores!

karen said...

my town is too small for any author talks, but I would love to be in a town that supports an independent book store, you are lucky! We have a very tiny store (sci fi and fantasy) and I drive 40 minutes to get to a B and N. Sigh...Love the beginnings of your knitting :)

Natalie Buehler said...

Your plan for the day sounds inspiring......I think I may do that too :)

moongirl said...

Love the bookstores and am so fortunate to have many around. There is one thing I don't mind having on the tables and the floors - books!

The yarn you are using looks so pretty. Look forward to seeing more of it!

Kaja said...

Sound like the perfect way to spend some time. You are lucky to have independent bookstores still, most of ours have gone in the last ten years.