Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do you have a frog you need to eat?

At some point this week, probably when I was avoiding some task I didn't want to start or finish, I read this post on Kathy's blog.  I jumped over to watch the video and then I was off to read Debra's post.  For the next few days I kept coming back to this idea.  What is my frog?  What is the most difficult or least enjoyable item on my list today?  And if I tackled that one thing, would it free up some brain and body energy? 
Summer break is just beginning for me and it won't be the usual break.  Normally I can walk away from my office at the end of June and return in early August without too much thinking about work.  This has been a different kind of school year and there are many little things that need tending.  So I will work a bit each week at school.  I am actually pretty excited about this work.  It is the kind of work that is done best when the school is quiet and pretty empty (no kids or teachers at least). 
But back to my frog (or perhaps frogs).  Before I left for quilt retreat, I pulled out a bunch of boxes that contained fabric and projects that I no longer love.  I sorted and sorted and came away with three tops that will be wonderful to machine quilt and donate and a set of blocks that have great potential.  I have one box of red, grey, and black fabric that will make a great top.  The rest I folded neatly and placed in bags for the donation shop. (I didn't get rid of all my fabric, just the stuff in these long neglected boxes!)  Someone will love this stuff and it is one less frog I need to eat.
This weekend is too hot for being in the sewing room so I am bringing my bindinig and reading out to the deck and savoring the slight breeze and shade and doing some slow stitching and pondering.  What frog will I eat next?

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I remember her frog post and yours is a great follow up! :)

Kaja said...

I read Kathy's post but haven't taken action. Your great follow up inspires me to get myself sorted and start eating those amphibians.

Lori said...

Yikes! Too hot here to be outside! LOL
It is nice to free up space in your head and your room!

audrey said...

Thanks for the link to that post! I guess I missed it and it was very nice to read.:) It's definitely something I've done in the past to get through a difficult project.