Saturday, May 2, 2015

the stories we don't tell

I learned something last month about my mom - something that I might have known but didn't remember.  When mom was 51 years old, she ran in the Bay to Breakers.  I know the Bay to Breakers because my husband ran it a few times.  And I remember that my dad ran the race.  But I seriously do not recall my mom running - in a race or at all!  But there she is, right in the center, red shorts and white t-shirt. 
I know there are many things we don't know about our parents, things our kids don't know about us. I imagine asking mom about this story and hearing her say it was not a big deal. 
I will miss you mom.

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Lori said...

She looks so calm and collected! That's a crazy huge race now. My daughter did it a couple of years ago. How fun to see this photo!!