Friday, May 29, 2015

A Friday Finish!

At some point over the last few months, I began pulling "close to being done" projects out of my closet.  This quilt top was assembled at least 4 years ago.  I had begun hand quilting it with Pearle cotton and a big stitch.  But when I pulled it out and saw that I had only quilted 6 of the 56 blocks, I decided it would make a great machine quilted project.  I took out the quilting (which was pretty easy with the big stitch and thick thread) and got it pin basted.  I machine quilted it with slightly offset horizontal and vertical stitches and got the binding stitched.  That left only the task of stitching down the binding which I did this last week during evening TV time.  Now it has been washed and dried and is ready to go.  Most of these fabrics were a part of a pack I purchased because I was so taken with the Japanese taupe quilts.  I love looking at the photo and seeing how the colors pop.  Not sure where it will end up but for now, it is a Friday Finish!


Lori said...

Very nice and I like the pretty border too!

Lynn Koeppen said...

NIce! Its great to finish and then step back to look at the creation.