Saturday, April 18, 2015


I did not do a good job of protecting my schedule on the first week back from spring break - it was a wild ride!  But the weekend is here and the calendar is not very full.  Last night I did a bit of knitting and blog reading.  Lori, Karen, Cathy, Nancy, and LuAnn (three new to me quilters) are working on Ohio quilts samplers.  My husband's family lived in the Miami Valley of Ohio and I have had this book on my shelf for year.  I pulled it out last night to play along (vicariously?).  I am not making any commitments but I do believe I might dip my toe in this project.
But first, today is my first double digit run in over a year so I better get going.


Lori said...

Good luck on your run! This week is a low mileage week for me, so I'm doing a fun 5k.
Cool your hubby is from Miami Valley! I think it's a given you make a few least read about the quilts. It is fascinating.

Janet said...

It's such an interesting book and I love the quilts. One day I would love to make a sampler like them. You have a family connection!! Very cool!

audrey said...

It's a great sampler quilt! I can see why you're tempted, having a connection of sorts.:) Love how you put that about 'protecting' your schedule. Will have to remember that in the future!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Go for it!