Thursday, April 2, 2015

the year in books

I stumbled on my March book but what a great stumble!  I saw this book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown, on Pinterest and found that my library had an audio book.  I picked up and devoured it!  I loved so much about it that when I finished, I stopped at the book shop and picked up a copy.  I am going back through the book, making notes and reminding myself of these wonderful ideas.  The basic idea is that we are trying to do too much, we don't really know what is the most essential thing that we want.  I know that it is not a new idea but something about the way McKeown presents it spoke out loud and clear.
For April, I have two novels and I am hoping to spend part of my spring break with one of them.  But I am also going to be reading through Writing in the Margins by Lisa Nichols Hickman.  This was another stumble in my search for a way to spend more time with my Bible. 
The forecast for spring break is very promising and I plan to spend much time reading and running and drinking coffee. 
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Lori said...

Looks like two good books! When is spring break? Oregon has had theirs already.

karen said...

thanks for two book recommendations! I'll add them to my list.