Friday, April 10, 2015

Love your stash

After finishing my star quilt, I decided to see if there was another quilt top that could be finished without too much muss or fuss.  I pulled out not a top but a basted quilt.  Most of the blocks were constructed from a bundle of Lecien fabrics during a time when I really wanted to make a taupe quilt like the beautiful Japanese quilts in Quiltmania.  The construction was simple and I believe this was another retreat quilt.  I had planned to use a heavier embroidery thread to add texture and had begun that process.  Then it got lost in the stacks of unfinished projects in my closet.  There are 56 squares and I had quilted 6 of them.  Without much thinking, I pulled out the seam ripper and un-quilted those squares.  Then I pulled out the thread basting and replaced it with pin basting and before dinner, I started to machine quilt simple lines, offset from the squares.  I finished the quilting this morning and dug into my fabric boxes to find something for the binding.  It didn't take long to find a large enough piece of this subtle plaid.  I am certain I will get that binding sewn down and have another finished quilt to show and tell before I head back to work next week.
Digging around for projects and fabrics has me thinking.  I sometimes feels guilty about having so much fabric and so many unfinished projects.  I have tried very hard not to hang on to things that don't give me joy.  I have been reading a lot about simplifying and the idea that sticks with me is this:  When you look at your things (anything from clothing, to fabric, to dishes) ask yourself, does this bring me joy?  If the answer is yes, keep it.  No, it needs to go away.  Ask, if I didn't already down this, would I buy it again?  This is a good one because so often I don't want to get rid of something because I have attached a financial value to it.  But would I buy it again?  If the answer is no, it also needs to go.
I have spent some time lately decluttering my craft stuff (that is how I found the star quilt, complete with backing and binding!).  I want the things I keep to be the things I love.  Do you love your stash? 


Lori said...

Mostly I love my stash, and what I don't is in a collective box to pass on. What I may consider not my style, might work for someone else I'm making a quilt for, so I keep some of that.

Congrats on being productive this spring break!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I do love my stash but every so often go through it and get rid of the "dogs". One year I gave 5 large trash bags full of fabric to my guild for charity projects. It felt really good!