Saturday, April 11, 2015

healthy choices

I love the set up part of new projects.  In fact, there are time when the set up takes up so much time that I run out of steam and the project never gets off the ground. 
So I hunted high and low for a half marathon training plan that would fit with my work schedule.  In the end, I had to create my own.  This gave me a chance to really look at meetings and events for the next two months and to schedule my long runs and cross training work so that I won't be stressed about fitting it all in.
This schedule is going to sit on my desk for the next 8 weeks, right next to a marker to check off each day's training.

And since I am returning to that work schedule next week, I spent a bit of time this afternoon looking at cookbooks, pulling recipes, making a shopping list, and filling out the meal planner for the next two weeks.  This has been my most successful planning adventure.  I think I started using this weekly planner last May and it has helped me keep on track.  On the menu next week:  Rosemeary Chicken Breasts (which will give us leftovers for a chicken salad one night), and baked salmon with veggies (leftovers will be salmon and aparagus tacos).   Do you meal plan?  It sure cuts down on the temptation to stop and pick up (not so healthy) dinner.
Now, off to chop some veggies, make hummus for snacks, and drink some water inspired by this creative gal.


Lori said...

I meal plan MOST of the time. Well, today is the 11th and it is on my list to make this month's menu.

karen said...

gosh you are inspiring me! While there was wedding cake in this house and I ate my fair share, I'm ready to clean up the diet.

Jess said...

The salmon and asparagus tacos sound yummy! I like how you're leftovers are a reinvention of the main item, not just more of what you had previously. Much more interesting :)

Pinkadot Quilts said...

That is my downfall, not planning ahead. I have no excuse except for laziness!