Sunday, March 8, 2015

on the topic of time

"Making clothing is a conscious choice; it is an investment of time over convenience."  Sonya Philips, 100 Acts of Sewing  

I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile.  The topic of time, especially the perceived shortage of time, is a popular one.  I heard Anne Lamott say that "busy-ness" is an addiction.  We are soooooo busy, too busy, and it becomes an excuse.  (Sometimes I think we could get so much done if we stopped talking about how busy we are.)  I had a conversation a month or so back about not using busy-ness as a reason for saying no to this or that opportunity.  We all get 24 hours a day.  Some of us need more sleep.  Some work crazy, long hours.  Some of us care for young children or aging parents.  There are clubs and committees, exercise, shopping, crafting, and many other demands on our time.  But I get to make (or mostly make) the choices that work for me. 
As I approach a birthday that is seen as a BIG ONE, I am thinking about how I want to use my time.  I don't want to get to the end of my days and regret that I did not take the time to try something new, to travel, to be with good people, to be intentional and perhaps make a difference.
Yesterday, my new pattern arrived in the mail.  I am sure I could have found a similar pattern at the big box fabric store.  I chose to order this one because of Sonya's statement on her website.  And because I love that the Internet gives me the opportunity to support independent crafters.  I learned to sew when I was 6 and have spent many hours making clothing for myself and my daughters.  I am really looking forward to taking the time to make this dress.  And then of course, I need to finish my sweater or perhaps a lovely shawl to adorn that dress. 
This is going to be fun!


darlynn said...

I manage 280 nurses and nursing assistants. I ask they do not use the 4 letter word, "busy".

karen said...

I try to be mindful of how I use my time and I agree that people say it flippantly. I hope your BIG birthday is filled with abundant happiness :)

audrey said...

I so agree that all of us can be more mindful about how we fill our time. I started working on this several years ago in an effort to get more quilting time in. It definitely worked, but sometimes I think I'm not as well balanced as I could be.:)

Lori said...

Very true about time! How fun to be sewing! I agree about supporting small businesses and those who we agree with on life philosophy.