Monday, March 16, 2015

hats and caps and storybooks

I took some time to do a bit of catching up this weekend.  I started with my desk and some paperwork before moving on to my sewing room.  This room is my retreat.  I love to take an afternoon to putter (and with the rain we had, it was the perfect weekend for this).  I pulled a pile of fabric and quilts out of the closet and found one that was ready to be pinned and machine quilted.  Then I made a decision about another little wall quilt and got that ready for the final applique additons.  Finally, I gathered the hats I have been knitting the last few months.  We have a knitting group at church.  We make prayer shawls for those in our community going through tough times.  But we also have a very active feeding program and the coordinator loves to take hats to the men and women that come for the monthly dinners or breakfasts.  Hat knitting can be simple or complex.  I have made enough that I can cast on and knit without paying too much attention to counting.  I also am trying some new patterns that are stretching my skills.  I usually knit two hats a month and I am trying to remember to photograph them along the way (that got more fun when I purchased the styrofoam head).  So, here are four of the six hats that I have knit so far in 2015. 
Because it is Monday morning and I am off to work shortly (not to mention I love children's books) here are some fun reads to share with a little person in your life:  Caps for Sale, This is Not My Hat, and A Three Hat Day.
Happy Monday!


Lori said...

Love the styrofoam model! Have a wonderful day!

karen said...

lovely donation hats, the recipients are quite lucky!!

Lynn Koeppen said...

Nice work! It's fun to see your work and accomplishments all together. These hats should make some people very happy!

Cathy said...

I've never made a hat before. Yours are all so cute! I just got a pattern for a scarf from Ravelry .. Hitchhiker..I think it's been around awhile...I'm late to the game. Have you ever made one? Now to find the perfect yarn!

Robin said...

caps for of my favorites.

50 cents a cap!