Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday stitches

My yoga studio recently closed.  It was not a big suprise - the classes and teachers were wonderful but it seemed there were not as many students in class over the last few months.  During the last week of classes , a lot of people showed up for and complained about the closure.  I wish they would understand that a business cannot be sustained by students who don't commit - both physically and financially.  Another local studio took over our memberships so I am getting used to some new teachers and a new space.

Audrey wrote a lovely post about blogging - you should go and read it now.  Her post reminded me of the importance of connecting and showing up.  I spend more and more time on the computer at work so there are days when I don't turn on my home computer at all.  But I want my blogging friends to know that I am reading their posts and I need to take that extra step to comment and encourage.

I have slowly been stitching my 2015 Prayer Quilt.  I found this little strip of trim with the perfect words.  I have also pulled some beads and charms for embellishment.  I have just a few more circles to stitch and I will be ready for quilting.  I think I have said that before but now it needs to be true!  Kathy gathers quilters every Sunday to share their slow stitching projects - you should visit her too!


Quilter Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading Audrey's post too... lots to think about while show stitching.
Love that ribbon you added!

Deb A said...

She had a great post, thanks for the link. You found the perfect trim for your quilt. Enjoy those stitches.

Lori said...

I've said it before but blogging really does connect us and makes the world a little smaller and intimate place.
Love the trim on your prayer quilt!

karen said...

I can imagine that working on a computer at work would make going on one after work less fun. that's when you use your phone or tablet :) I love to read blogs and write blog posts. And I've made some fun friends on the way!!

Jennie in GA said...

Lovely little ribbon. Will enjoy seeing this finished piece.