Monday, February 9, 2015

Clean eating reboot

I did a great job of eating well and moving more in November and December but somehow, the new year has started out rocky. 
Well, it is February now and time to reboot.  I have been getting back into the routine of cooking ahead and packing my lunch and snacks.  I goofed on Friday.  I attended a conference and they told me they would have some gluten free optioins.  Sadly, those options were also laden with sugar.  Sigh.
Last week I picked up this book at the market and I have been making my way through it.  I had been thinking about how much sugar is in some of the "healthy" stuff I eat (especially fruits) but I had not really put together a plan for side stepping that kind of sugar.  I like the suggestions she makes and there is plenty of research to back up her ideas.  Best of all, I don't get the feeling that I will feel deprived if I take on the IQuitSugar challenge, it looks very sustainable.  There is also a website with lots of recipe ideas.  I think this book and her ideas will get me back on the right track and it will taste wonderful too!


Pinkadot Quilts said...

I just finished reading It Starts With Food and it was wonderful! Yes lots of "healthy" products have tons of sugar in them. They take out the fat and put in sugar.
I am also trying to tame my sugar beast, it is my downfall....this past week has been pretty good but it is hard. The best part is I feel so much better when I am not eating it.

Lori said...

So you are back on track? Me too!

Robin said...

I have found I feel so much better by not eating a lot of sugary products. I have consciously and successfully done it a few times but then I fall off the wagon and start back to my old eating habits, especially after stressful times. Good luck with your process, I understand where you are coming from. I will certainly take a look at that site and see what kind of recipes there are. Thanks!