Saturday, February 28, 2015

celebrating a well rounded life

 As I sat on the couch knitting, full from a lovely birthday dinner (including cake), I thought about the importance of balancing.  Not just the kind that makes us steady on our feet, although that is feeling pretty important to me as I watch my parents' aging joints make them less steady.  But balance in all things - sitting and moving, eating more healthy stuff than sugary stuff, taking time to be focused on work but also time to put just as much focus into family and friends. 
I finished another hat for the donation project at work and spent a bit of time on my current shawl.  I found time to get a bit more machine quilting done and plan to cut my binding this afternoon.  I had some things to read for work and decided to spend the same number of minutes on reading for pleasure.  And since quilting and knitting and reading are not very aerobic, I am balancing that time with some time on the trail or working out in my little home "gym".
Today I am celebrating a well rounded life.  Check out some of the other celebrations on Ruth's blog.  
Tomorrow is a new month - how will you find balance and celebration?


LInda Baie said...

I love your heading, Juliann, pretty things! I don't know if I can find balance yet, just too many things tugging at me at school. You may not know but I've taken over a classroom (since November) & I am busy. It's what I did before, but catching up a lot of things has been quite the challenge. Things are smoother, & the class is a good group, just a lot to do. I love the ways you described balance, will think about this over the next days. Thanks!

karen said...

a balanced life is a happy one, I strive for that every single day. I am my worst enemy :)