Saturday, February 14, 2015

celebrating creativity

A few weekends ago, I was decluttering (as never ending as laundry).  I dumped a little box of beads on my sewing table and started to sift through them when I realized I was making them into a heart shape.  I am meeting with my quilting buddies next weekend and we are doing a little post-holiday exchange (we can choose any holiday and make a little gift for that holiday).  This little pile of beads is giving me a wonderful idea for my gift.  Happily, I have a long weekend so lots of time to putter about.
 All of my decluttering has really boosted my creativity.  I have some clear space to lay things out - that always helps.  I get a bit overwhelmed with too much stuff and start avoiding my sewing room.
Hope you are celebrating this weekend.


Lynn Koeppen said...

I hope your Valentine's Day is great! I love decluttering, but haven't been able to do much of it lately!

LInda Baie said...

My dining table is rather full, tomorrow's project. Love the heart, Julieann-serendipity!

Lori said...

A three day weekend and a get together with friends! That makes it a good month!