Monday, February 23, 2015

another monday morning

A lovely weekend makes it much harder to return to a work mndset on Monay morning.  I find myself wishing for one more day to work on my quilt or get a few more chores done.  Alas, that is not what my day holds.  I did do some things this weekend that make re-entry a bit less bumpy.  Meal planning and cooking ahead are very helpful.  Last week I found these beets in the produce section of my market.  I love putting beets in my smoothies but don't like the mess of cooking and peeling.  I have used frozen beets and they are great but when I saw these, I knew I needed to give them a go.  (There are also three other package options with different flavorings that would make them a good addition to a salad.)  I used beets, blueberries, and the pom juice given to me as a valentine from a student.  I added water and a tablespoon of coconut oil.  The smoothie was beautiful color and tasted great.  I didn't add any protein powder but that would certainly be an option.

I also got my mystery hat packed up and ready to mail.  This is a swap I did on Ravelry.  I haven't done a swap in a long time but a hat seemed very do-able.  We were given a short list of color, style, and yarn preferences and then asked to knit a hat without knowing the name of the recipient.  I chose a pattern on her list and some new to me yarn.  The pattern was just enough of a stretch for me that I felt I was sharpening my skills as I knit.  Hope to get to the post office this afternoon.

I got my quilt about 1/3 quilted on Saturday evening.  I took a break yesterday - forgot how hard machine quilting can be on the shoulders and neck.  I hope to get a bit done in the evenings this week and ready for some binding by next weekend.
Question - Are you part of a knitting or quilting group?  Tell me what you love about your group.  My quilting friends are scattered and busy and we rarely meet but I feel like I need a bit of community for the journey.


Lori said...

I bought some precooked beets at trader joes but they were not as good as home cooked:) Even for smoothies. They sure are messy though.
Cute hat!

karen said...

lovely hat and I know whoever receives it will love it! hats are doable :)