Wednesday, January 21, 2015

yarn and books - january 21

I am trying to be pretty monogamous with my reading this month.  Just Mercy is my January read.  I am attending a conference in June and want to read the books written by the speakers.  I am enjoying this one a lot.
I am not so single minded with my knitting.  I have a shawl and two hats on the needles but this sweater and lovely orange yarn have had my attention this last week.
I am working on being mindful, watching my time and seeing where I am expending energy.  I have been meal planning, practicing yoga, trying to enjoy the moments as they come.  It is not an easy task for me.
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Lori said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start to 2015.

Donna said...

I am never single minded when it comes to knitting! I don't blame you one bit.

karen said...

we are orange twin knitters :) Lovely!!